Friday, November 16, 2007

How in the hell did I miss this...

Mominem pointed out that the premise of my post is wrong. He is correct and I have made corrections below in red.

Louisiana is providing free prenatal care to illegal immigrants non-citizens.

I can't believe it. This really pisses me off to no end.

As on November 1st the were 1061 non-citizen women freeloading off of the taxpayers whilst in the country illegally. The program started July 1st and cost 1 million per month for the first three months.
1,000,000 dollars divided by 1061 women currently receiving services =
$942.51 per illegal non-citizen per month.

What a deal!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! If you are a pregnant illegal foreigner, come to Louisiana. You can rake in $8482.56 in free medical care. What a country!

What other country would you expect to illegally enter and not only be deported but visit and be provided with free prenatal care and then when your child is born *poof* that kid is a citizen. Just us I guess.

* Since this program is not providing services to illegal aliens, I considered deleting the rest of this post. However, I still think the following is a fine solution for illegal immigration and will leave it intact. It is just not germane to this post *

There is an easy solution to this illegal immigration problem. And it doesn't involve building a wall or deporting anyone. Just fining businesses $100,000 every time they are caught with an illegal alien in their employ. Thats right, $100,000 per illegal per incident.

Watch how quickly the problem vanishes.


peace warrior said...

I'm with ya. As far as I'm concerned, the IN door closed right after I got to this country 6 years ago from Isla Mujeres. Any else from then on can get the hell out. We don't ya.

mominem said...

Check your reading comprehension. non-citizen!= illegal.

The German said...

Touché, mominem. Boy did I blow that one! Looks like the program is geared toward people here on visas, etc.

But, I don't think taxpayer money should be used for non-citizen health care costs, illegal or not.

Thanks for the comment and keeping me in line.