Tuesday, October 30, 2007

And the winner is...

Louisiana, I hope.

The general elections are over and we will have a few new faces in government... due to term limits, not discriminating voters. Without term limits, we would have seen much more of the same. I was more upbeat immediately following the elections. That is why I waited before commenting on the results. I wanted to hear other opinions and think about the results for a while.

Governor: I am genuinely excited about Rep. Jindal being Governor. But I was also excited about Former Governor Foster. He went in promising many changes, like giving voters referendums. Once he got elected, he promptly stuck it in neutral and idled for eight years. Not that he did anything bad; I think the state was in about the same shape prior to his tenure as after. Many in the legislature are very resistant to change. Maybe he gave up, maybe he never intended to do them. Only he knows.

I hope Gov. Elect Jindal will not be so easily defeated. Most of my friends and colleagues supported him. In listening to those who did not, there was a common complaint that he was too "slick" or "polished". However, these same people that think Pres. Bush is a moron because he does not speak well. I just think the guy is that smart. At the last debate, the candidates were asked who they thought was Louisiana's best Governor. Gov. Elect Jindal answered first. Without missing a beat, he answers Gov. McKeithen. PSC Campbell can't pick one and state Sen. Boasso likes everyone. The guy knows the answers, his answers. The others, like Gov. Blanco, can't pick one without a study. That is what Louisiana needs now, more that anything. Someone capable and able to make decisions in a timely fashion. Not someone who needs to see which way the wind is blowing first.

Agriculture: How big is it to finally be rid of Com. Odom. The Conservative Cajun sums it up nicely here.

Now moving on to the local races:

JP President: Never have I been more disappointed with the outcome of a race. I want to thank the West Bank for electing the Flooder. I would like to point out that I make a conscious effort to refer to all elected officials by their office title, even the ones I don't like. I have one exception, the one personally responsible for flooding my home, he who must not be named. THE FLOODER. My dislike for him does not stem solely from the flooding; I didn't vote for him the first time either.

Amazing that a no-name with no money comes within 2 percentage points of forcing a runoff. Had someone with any name recognition or money run, the flooder would be gone. Hey, John Georges, you had no shot at governor, but you could have been parish president. Four more years of the flooder. Then he should be done, I can't see him winning any other office.

My state senator was a term-limited member of the House. I didn't vote for him; he won easily. Hy house seat is in a runoff with two new faces. A little hope for improvement there.

Overall, the voters said "give us more of the same". Very disappointing. 4 out of 6 statewide offices will have the same face. Parish president and every parish council seat will remain the same. The changes in the house in senate were forced by term limits. Thank God for that. But most simply jumped from house to senate or vice versa. No great changes there. Life here must be great, we certainly seems pleased with our government.


GOD said...

>> "However, these same people that think Pres. Bush is a moron because he does not speak well."

Count me in.

The German said...

God, I made a point of how I refer to public officials (with one exception) by their official titles. I expect no less of you. Please capitalize your name when commenting on this site. Thanks.

Jesus said...

It must be a setting or something. I'm using proper capitalization, it just puts everything in lowercase. Try it yourself.

The German said...

Looks like you are right, big shock there. I apologize for my baseless and ill-informed remarks. And as always, thanks for the comments ,o favored deity.

Aaron Broussard said...

No need for apology necessary man. Thank you for blogging about something that I care deeply about - the Promised Land, the Land of Milk and Honey - Jefferson Parish.

Stay high and dry.