Monday, October 1, 2007

All for one, and one for all

With the house voting that the NFIP offer wind coverage to flood policy holders and the Democrat Party and some RINOs advocating socialized medicine, I want to propose a super single-payer government insurance to cover everyone and everything.

There are millions of young, healthy uninsured Americans. They must be saved from deciding that it is not worth it to buy health insurance. (As an aside, I was *forced* by the Official Wife of the GermanTM to purchase health insurance. I estimate I have spent $5500 without ever seeing a doctor once.) We need all these young and healthy people to bring the group rate down for the sick ones. Not just Americans, but illegals too. Because we can't afford to be seen as mean. We must be compassionate and insure criminal aliens like they do in other countries like.....?

Why stop at health insurance? I want the government insurance to cover everything: home, fire, theft, auto, life, flood, wind, hail,... everything. Government is the solution, right?

All the arguments supporting socialized medicine can be applied to other types of insurance. It just makes good sense for the government to take care of us. We are too irresponsible to be trusted to make our own choices. We must be saved from ourselves.

This would also kill the evil insurance companies. According to my research, insurance companies are the third most hated industry in America, behind #1 "Big oil"/Halliburton and #2 Walmart. The government would be able to manipulate insurance rates to promote certain behaviors and punish others just like they do with the income tax (and the NY Times with AD rates). It would also eliminate the re-insurance market. The government will just borrow from the treasury to pay the claims. Unless they deny them... then you're screwed. Think filing a tax return is fun, wait till you make a claim.

Seriously, this plan will benefit us all. With our omnipotent, benevolent and efficient government running the program, we can't lose.

By the way, I went to the DMV on friday to renew my license; It took an hour.


Anonymous said...

Awwwwwwww. Did your wife make you get health insurance? Wake up dude. Don't whine about people wanting free services from the government and in the same sentence suggest that you don't need health insurance. Could you possibly imagine any scenario where you might be glad you have insurance? Think outside the bun.

The German said...

Hey anon, thanks for the comment. But, no one *needs* health insurance and it certainly not a *right*. If you decide that you are young and healthy and go without insurance, you will probably come out ahead, but not always. It is an individual decision.

Unfortunately, the government regulation of the insurance industry has stifled choice. Don't want coverage for mental health? Tough, the government requires it. You are a man and don't need maternity care, tough you can drop it.

The government forces us to buy insurance like the cable companies force us to buy cable, all or nothing. Don't want to pay for some channels, too bad. Don't want some health services covered, suck it. Want a higher deductible, nope.

Yes I can imagine some scenarios where I might be glad to have health coverage, like a bad auto wreck or accident. As a young healthy person, I would like to purchase an insurance plan with limited services and a high deductible. But I can't. The government says no. Welcome to the "nanny state".

Anonymous said...

Actually, I'm a woman.

But I'm also a lezzie-boomba so I don't have to worry about maternity leave either.