Monday, August 27, 2007

There's no crying in baseball...

But apparently Gov. Blanco cried when Mayor Nagin wouldn't take her phone calls after Katrina. This according to a Times-Pic article about Sally Forman's new book. The official wife of the German said "She gives women a bad name." I could not agree more. If Louisiana has ever elected anyone to the Governor's office more unable to lead and make decisions, I can't recall it. But then again, crying got her elected. I firmly believe that her crying about her son that died in an work-related accident during a debate sealed the election for her. Don't get me wrong, I believe she was speaking from the heart and not just pandering to the audience. But that response got her elected.

Her inability to make a decision is her biggest liability and after Katrina it showed. The one thing I fault her the most for was telling President Bush that she needed 24 hours to decide if she wanted to federalize the National Guard. Yes or no, that decision should have taken 24 seconds. She wasted time and that is something a leader cannot do. This was displayed in a radio debate before the election. When asked a question (can't remember what it was), listeners were treated to dead air. Well is wasn't totally quiet, shuffling papers could be heard in the background. Over 30 seconds of dead air. That should have doomed her, but the crying trumped that. Note to voters: When you vote, please make a logical decision and not an emotional one.

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