Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Selling like hotcakes

Last night there were three MURDERS IN NEW ORLEANS ™.

Be the first to sign up for the exciting, MURDERS IN NO ™ Tours. Visit all the murder scenes in "Chocolate City ®". These are just some of our offerings:

1. Walking tour of Central City. Almost two dozens sites seperated by a few blocks. Bulletproof vests available for a nominal fee.

2. Bus tours of every murder site in the city. Book soon and be among the first to visit site number 200.

3. Several theme tours are available, among them: drug murders, dead whites that generated outrage, and drug murders.

All tours include commemorative map of the city with the murder locations noted, and your choice of t-shirt: "It's all good"; "Got chocolate milk?"; or "It's the way God wants it to be".

Paid for by the Elect Ray Nagin to something campaign fund.

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