Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Violent crime across the pond update

The Smallest Minority has an interesting post about crime the the UK.

He links to a story from Life Style Extra here.

Here are some quotes: [emphasis added]

Gun and knife killings are getting out of control as six Londoners were murdered over the past week and one child is stabbed to death each week, anti-crime campaigners warned.

How are can this happen when ALL handguns are banned in the UK?

Victims of Crime Trust director Norman Brennan said Britain was quickly gaining a reputation as being one of the most violent countries in the Western world, scarring communities and leaving millions in fear of crime.

Never head this reported before. Hmmm...

Mr Brennan said: "There are currently 270 recorded firearm related offences committed on the streets of Britain every week."

Doesn't make NO seem as bad. I guess the UK has a lead problem too...

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