Friday, July 13, 2007

Tis better to have stood and failed than to never be a hypocrite at all

The past several days, I have tried to listen to the attacks and defenses of Sen. Vitter. Most of the right is still supporting him. Not to surprising, he has been a good conservative senator. He has a 63% lifetime rating, which they categorize as "friendly", from Citizens Against Government Waste. (as a contrast, Sen. Landrieu has a lifetime rating of 22% ("unfriendly"))

As liberals, and some conservatives, attack Sen. Vitter, the one word I keep hearing is "hypocrite". This must be a bad thing to be, judging from the level of vitriol in the attacks I have heard.

Should we, at all costs, avoid being hypocrites? Should smokers not tell their children not to smoke? Same for drug users, alcoholics, racists... We must learn from our mistakes and teach others, so that they may not repeat ours.

For Sen. Vitter to avoid being a hypocrite, he would have had to advocate soliciting prostitutes and adultery. There are many Senators and Representatives, and NOT ONE pushes those positions. That Sen. Vitter is opposed to many liberal issues, like abortion and gay marriage, is not germane to this issue.

So spare me the cries of "hypocrite"; to find one, simply look in a mirror and you will, each and every one of us...

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