Tuesday, July 3, 2007


That, my friends, is the size of the 2008 budget for the state of Louisiana. Blanco still has the ability to veto some items, but even if she chooses to, it will not reduce the budget much. Remember, she can also veto tax cuts.

Based on the 2006 population estimate, that amounts to 7,463 for every man, woman and child in Louisiana. Here are some other figures:

2005 Median household income: $36,729

$7,463 is 20% of the median household income.

Tax breaks in the 2008 budget: $189 million

$189 million is 0.6% of $32 billion.

0.6% of $36,729 is $220. That is $18.33 a month.

How will the state function with a cut of that magnitude?

Blanco and the Democrats in the legislature fought tax cuts and they won. The state Republicans, much like their national counterparts, wilted in the end. I fear that we are on a set path, spending more and more... to what end? We have nothing to show and all our money gone, doomed to choose between those who want to increase government, and those who want to increase government more.

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