Friday, June 29, 2007

Taqueria Trucks and the end of Western Civilization

Today is the last day for Taqueria trucks in Jefferson Parish. The Parish council has banned them. Why? Health complaints? No. Crime? No. Making streets like Veterans look bad? Too late. Customers can't wash their hands? Lame. Gotta be something...

I live very close to the Taqueria truck that provoked Councilman Congemi's quixotic campaign. I kept wondering "What is the real reason motivating Congemi?". Not the ones I mentioned earlier, nor do I think it is racism. To truly understand anything, you must follow the money. Putting on my green colored glasses, I realized that it must be restaurateurs prompting Congemi. They must perceive that the taco trucks are cutting into their business. Are they? I don't think so. Gone out to eat in JP lately? Places are pretty crowded when I do. But fears are often irrational.

The owners of the Taco truck near me (Power and Vets) vow to stay open till the parish tells them to leave. I like that. Come Saturday, might be time to try the taco truck.

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mrjazzbeau said...

I have it from a very reliable that when Mr. Congemi was mayor of Kenner he would ride around looking for code violations or grass that needed cutting and would call it in to get action. He must not have had much to do as mayor.