Saturday, June 30, 2007

Taco truck update

Today for lunch, the official wife of the German bought food from the previously mentioned taco truck. The food was good, and reasonably priced. I will definitely eat there again, until Councilman Congemi exiles them to Orleans Parish. In other news, 2 restaurants and 3 fast food joints near me closed citing "low sales". Also, a survey of Jefferson Parish revealed the number 1 concern of the citicens: "Lack of hand washing". ;-)

Friday, June 29, 2007

Taqueria Trucks and the end of Western Civilization

Today is the last day for Taqueria trucks in Jefferson Parish. The Parish council has banned them. Why? Health complaints? No. Crime? No. Making streets like Veterans look bad? Too late. Customers can't wash their hands? Lame. Gotta be something...

I live very close to the Taqueria truck that provoked Councilman Congemi's quixotic campaign. I kept wondering "What is the real reason motivating Congemi?". Not the ones I mentioned earlier, nor do I think it is racism. To truly understand anything, you must follow the money. Putting on my green colored glasses, I realized that it must be restaurateurs prompting Congemi. They must perceive that the taco trucks are cutting into their business. Are they? I don't think so. Gone out to eat in JP lately? Places are pretty crowded when I do. But fears are often irrational.

The owners of the Taco truck near me (Power and Vets) vow to stay open till the parish tells them to leave. I like that. Come Saturday, might be time to try the taco truck.

Thursday, June 28, 2007

Guns and crime

Interesting article on violent crime in England & Wales. Seems that violent crime there is 82% higher than previously reported. Whoops.

The UK is always touted as an example by the gun control crowd, since handgun ownership is illegal. So, I wanted to take a look at the numbers and see if there is truth there.
Britain and Wales
Population of Britain and Wales: 53,390,300 (2005)
Violent crime in Britain and Wales: 2,420,000 (section 5.3, 2005/2006)
Violent crime per 1000 people: 45.33

Violent crime (per The Independent): 4,400,000(2005/2006)
Violent crime per 1000 people: 82.41

Population of USA: 288,378,137 (2005)
Violent crime in USA:5,400,790(table1, 2005)
violent crime per 1000 people: 18.73

Wow! Not what you expected? Surely this has worked somewhere? Australia? Nope. Face the facts, less guns does not equal less crime. Want to know how this works, check out More Guns, Less Crime by John Lott Jr., or just berate me for not protecting the children. Your choice...

Wednesday, June 27, 2007

A picture in a courthouse

The controversy surrounding the Jesus picture in the St. Tammany Parish courthouse has got me thinking. There are two separate questions that must be answered here. Is it legal? Is it appropriate?

First, is it legal? The 1st amendment states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof;...". Obviously, this law only applies to Congress. The courthouse in question is the Slidell City Court. Ok, that amendment clearly does not apply. Now lets look at the state constitution. Article 1, section 8 states: "No law shall be enacted respecting an establishment of religion or prohibiting the free exercise thereof." Surely,not even in Louisiana, putting a picture of Jesus on the wall does not enact a law. So, this has clearly not broken any state laws regarding religion. Thus, in my estimation, it is not illegal to hang a picture of Jesus in a city courthouse.

Second, is it appropriate? I would hazard to guess that Christians would not have a personal problem with the picture. What about other faiths? They might be "offended". But, Jesus was a historical figure, and if you don't believe he was god, what's the big deal?

I'm sure JP courthouses have pictures of Aaron Broussard in them. Let's say I were to start a religion worshiping Broussard, god of flooding. Would JP have to remove the pictures of Broussard? I know that is an outlandish example, but it makes my point.

So, I guess you can see where I'm going with this, I would take down the picture of Jesus in the courthouse. Yes you read that right. I don't feel that it is necessary or beneficial to have a picture of any religious figure (or Broussard) in any courthouse. Nor is it worth the fight.

I would be remiss to miss a chance to criticize the ACLU. I recognize that they are an important organization and help many people/groups with civil rights violations. But the ACLU, by publicly attacking religion in the press at every opportunity, alienates a very large section of the country. The ACLU is viewed as secularists crusading against religion. This is not good for their reputation or bottom line.